Below is a job description of what is included when you put in carpeting for wash with us:

  • The rugs are marked with two labels a rug
  • The rug is photographed about 2-10 images
  • Kind of dirt, wear and tear, repairs, origin, age and value are documented
  • Color authenticity check
  • Any needlework of brittle / worn patches, If needed
  • Removal of heavy dust and powder
  • Pre-treatment of spots.
  • Selection of washing method where we use two different methods separately or in combination:

1: Our own developed wash, with each rug hand washed with water, and based on how to wash in the Orient but refined with 2000s technology.

2: If the assessment of the carpet appears that water washing is not possible due to lack of color fastness, unbleached linen, etc., type of dirt, we use individual laundry in our specially designed, environmentally friendly dry cleaning machine.

  • All washing ends with the final rinse in softened water.
  • Removal of fine dusts.
  • Restore wool tot level
  • Any firmness (dressing) adjustment of the rug
  • Because we wash anything from museum fragments and tissues from the 1600s until modern designer rugs, where washing in some cases are very mild and the temperature is very low, we make use of steam at the end of the treatment, to ensure that allergens mites, moths and any fragrance are eliminated.
  • Finishing: steaming, adjusting the shape and smoothness of the rug, any stretching and disposition of the fringe by hand.
  • Final results and measurement check of rug size.